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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Some good manners

So how do we ensure that we cultivate good character and manners.manners are very important things to learn and do,a lady is well mannered and knows what is appropriate.
Having good manners create opportunity for us to relate with people around us,manners are wonderful things to have,it makes a person beautiful.
Do you know that your manners are quite telling?cultivate one today

Practice the basic courtesy words like,thanks and thank you if someone did something for you,please, am sorry etc.

Talk less and listen more:I think this is an important fact,"i sat down in the midst of elders listening to them,and at the end of the day,i learnt my lesson".we tend to gain a lot through listening.don't interrupt people while they talk.

Don't speak way too loud:speak politely,keep the volume of your voice as low as possible while  talking to people near you.

Hold doors for people, you don't just have to be a guy to hold a door open.

Don't discuss rude topics
in a public such as bodily functions, gossips,dirty jokes,swear words, or anything you wouldn't want your mom (or someone you have a crush on)to hear you say.

Know how to greet
:acknowledging the presence of another person is a fundamental point of having good manners.

Don't spend an hour (or hours) speaking or chatting to someone on phone,you might be wasting their time.

While eating,don't chew with your mouth wide open.

Avoid blowing your nose in front of  people while eating, if there is something  I hate, I hate people blowing there nose while I eat,it just make me loose my appetite for the food.

Be kind

If you are receiving an award shake the hand of the bestors.

Try not to laugh loudly in public places.

Come on,its good to be mannered since on can gain respect just because he or she is well mannered.

Do well to share,love you all!💞

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