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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Forms and ways to eat food

Eating fruits in a juice form or raw
Eating roasted corn or cooked corn
Eating cooked soy beans or drinking soy milk
Which of the above is much better and highly nutritious? if you agree on roasted corn you are on point, if you agree on soy milk you are also on point.

There are many ways and forms foods are being prepared but it differs in many countries, the way food is being prepared affects the way it digests, some times food are processed to a form which makes it nutritious, easy to digest or not. There are many foods with different methods of preparation see them below.


This yellowish crop provides the body with carbohydrate and contains starch, It can be eating in form of the following:
Pap: Maize contains starch which can be extracted, when heat is applied to starch it  thickens,giving it a gelatinous property, it is called pap, and the pap is prepared with hot water and sweetened with sugar and milk, served when hot. It also a food weaning mothers give to their children, one problem with this food is that it doesn’t quench hunger.

Roasted corn: This is a delicious way to eat corn, the corn is soaked in water with a little salt and then roasted in a charcoal fire, it can be served with roasted pear or roasted coconut, it is a favourite food here in Nigeria. It can also be cooked with a little salt and served with pear and coconut.

Maize flour: In some countries like Nigeria maize flour is eaten with egusi or ogbono soup, it is not only nutritious but highly delicious.

 Pop corn: This is everyone’s favourite I guess, but often considered a junk food, it can be prepared with sugar, butter and egg

Sweet corn: It is an ingredient used for cooking fried rice.


Although some people are allergic to beans or should I say that they hate beans,it is highly packed with protein and fibre, it can be taken in many forms:

Baked beans: Though considered as junk but it is highly delicious and can be eaten with bread.

Moi-moi: This delicacy is highly nutritious and is easy to prepare see the preparation methods HERE

Soy milk: Soy milk is prepared from a specie of bean called soy bean, see the prep methods HERE

Jellof beans: This recipe is prepared with oil,Maggi,salt,crayfish ,pepper and onion.


Yam is high in carbohydrate and starch, it is normally cooked fried and eaten, but there other cooking methods:

Yam pottage.

Yam flour: used to eat some soups like ogbono and egusi soup.



This food can be eaten when ripe or unripe, the unripe one is high in iron, the sweetest is the ripe one. Plantain can be fried and eaten but there are other forms:

Plantain pottage: This food can be prepared when the plantain is ripe or not.

Plantain chips: My favorite, it is a good form of fried unripe plantain, it can be used as snack with a fruit juice.



All fruits are supposed to be eaten raw but instead they are processed and transformed into fruit juice, not all fruit juice is food for your health, some of them are filled with sugar in form of syrup, the fruit juice won’t contain enough nutrients after being processed. However there are other ways of eating fruits.

Juices: The fruit juice is extracted and refrigerated to cool .

Fruit salad: This is quite good for dinner with regards to people on a weight loss routine, you can combine as many fruits as you like(your choicer)some people even add butter and milk to it.



Peanuts also known as groundnut is a food rich in fiber and protein, it can be eaten in different forms:

 Peanut butter: This can be eaten with bread for breakfast.

Fried peanut: Fried peanut can be eaten as a snack and is flushed down with water or juice.



This food is some people’s favorite; it has so many ways of preparation

Jellof rice: It is served with a chilled drink, see method of preparation here.

White rice: Is eaten with either fish or meat stew.


Two varieties of potatoes viz: sweet and Irish potatoes can be eaten in form of:

Potato chips: This is a form of fried potato which is served with a drink or pap.



Nuts are good to are eaten raw, they are rich in fiber and protein and helps to boost the body’s metabolism,nuts are in form of(peanuts,almonds,cashew nuts,pine nuts,hazel nuts and the host of others)

These forms of eating food are easy to prepare and easy to digest, sweet and are highly delicious. Try one today will you?

Saturday, 10 December 2016

How to make a healthy soy milk

Soy milk is an extract of soy beans,it is highly nutritious and contains  protein in a high proportion,it also contains fat and fibre.

The best way to eat soy milk is to transform  it to soy is a good source of protein to young children and is recommended for weight loss.

However,some soy milks are not healthy for you dependinfg on their ingredients and methods of preparation,me so sweet to an extent becauise they contain sugar in a high quantity.

How to make a healthy home-made soy milk

To make soy make soy milk at home threr are some wequipments and ingredients you will need


  • Pot
    • Cooker
      • Grinder
        • Metal spoon
          • Sieve
            • Bowl
And that's all


  • Soy beans                                                          

    • Sugar or honey
      • Flavor(milk,vanilla,strawberry)
        • water and salt.

Steps in making a healthy soy milk

1. Get soybeans from the market,wash and cook for one hour 
2. Separate the soy beans from its coat or grind it that way(optional)
3.  Get a bowl and fill it with water,get a bowl and use the water to sieve out the milk so that the bean coat is separated
4.  After that cook the already sieved soy bean milk for 30 minutes and leave to cool
5.  When cool add the above ingredients in the right proportion and refrigerate.
6.  Serve with a snack.
N.B  I recommend you use honey instead of sugar  because of its nutritious content(sugar is  processed you know)

Sunday, 9 October 2016

how to make meat pie

Do you find it difficult to make meat pie or are you always making mistakes and ruining the whole thing?although meat pie is a common snack here in Nigeria but I found out that some people still find it hard to make it. well will love to tell you that it is easy and simple to make meat pie.
People use it to entertain guests and also use it for lunch or for dinner and in combination with a chilled drink maybe cocacola drinks. now lets begin with the ingredients.

Ingredients for making meat pie

below are ingredient making meat pie.
  • Flour
  • butter
  • salt
  • baking powder
  • egg
  • carrots
  • red meat
  • Irish potatoes
  • curry powder
  • water
  • flavour(milk,vanilla or banana flavor)
  • Maggi cubes

Equipments for making meat pie
  • A smooth board or a work table
  • A big bowl
  • A clean pot
  • Meat pie cutter
  • A rolling pin
  • A cooker
  • A blender
  • An oven.
A meat pie cutter.

And that's all you need .

Steps on how to mix the whole ingredients

Pre steps/

Before the steps there are some things you will need to put in place before mixing up.
  • Wash and scrub your carrot and cut into cubes
  • Wash and peel your Irish potatoes and cut into cubes
  • wash your meat,blend it with a blender and cook(season with salt Maggi and curry powder)
Now lets start
I assume that you have done the pre steps I listed above.

  • Now get a clean pot,to the pot add water,carrot,irish potato,powdered curry,a pinch of salt and I cube of Maggi and cook.
  • Cook for 5 min and then add the meat to the pot and cook again for1 minute,then dissolve a little amount of flour in water and pour it inside the pot and stir. then leave it for 1 minute,then put off the heat and bring down the pot. set it aside please.
  • Get a bowl,add flour(sieved),baking powder,banana or vanilla flavor with a pinch of salt and stir.
N.B The rule is that powdered ingredients go first.
  • Add butter to the bowl of flour and stir.
  • Now add the already whisked egg into the mixture.
N.B Don't separate the egg yolk and the egg white, mix them together.
  • Pr heat your oven
  • Now knead and knead till it forms a dough
  • Now rub a little amount of flour on your work table or smooth board and transfer the dough the dough then roll with your rolling pin.
  • Get your meat pie cutter and start cutting out.
  • Bring the pot of cooked meat,carrot and Irish potatoes,this is what you are going to do,you are going to be putting a little amount of it inside your already cut dough and close
  • now grease the surface of the pie with egg.
N.B This will smooth en its surface and give it a shiny look after baked. grease the tray you will use to bake with butter for easy removal.
  • Now bake
Not a long process is it? can serve your meat pie with a chilled drink(hot or cold)but I prefer it hot.
Meat pie can be served with a chilled soy milk.learn how to make soy milk
As you rock your delicious meat pie share this post with your friends....thank you.

Friday, 7 October 2016

How to make fondant icing

Do you find it difficult to apply fondant icing to your delicious cake? After this post you will be cleared on that.

Last week Thursday I was making a birthday cake with a friend and we applied fondant icing to the cake.(note that there is another type of icing called royal icing )Fondants icing is delicious and can last for days that is to say that it does not perish easily.

 Now let's start with the equipments for making fondant icing:

  • A rolling pin
  •  A bowl
  • gas cooker or stove(for heating water)
  • a smooth board or a work table
  •   And a smoother to smooth-en  the edges
And that's all for the equipment.

Now the ingredients:
 Icing sugar is the basic ingredient

  • Icing sugar
  •  Color(your choice(
  • butter
  • cornflour
  • glucose
  • water
  • c.m.c
And that's all you need,the list is not it?

  • Get a bowl,to the bowl add sieved corn flour and c.m.c
  •  Stir and keep aside
  •  Add water to a pot and heat
  •  Get a metal plate ,add gelatine and glucose and stir
  •  Put the plate with the mixture of  gelatin and  glucose inside the pot and stir till it dissolves
  •  Then pour the mixture in the metal plate inside the bowl of icing sugar and c.m.c and knead
  •  Add a little amount of hot water if it becomes too hard.
  •  Knead it to a circle shape and then transfer to the smooth board
  •  To the board rub cornflour and roll the icing to your a size that will cover your cake
  • now roll out the size you need and cover the cake then design

make yours to be outstanding.

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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Health benefits of tigernuts

So many people eat tiger nut without knowing its medicinal value or even the nutrient it supplies the body with,but now  we shall know the health benefits of tiger nuts.

Milk gotten from tiger nuts is highly rich in protein and fiber which helps the body a lot.
  • Tiger nuts contain necessary essential minerals, calcium, iron and magnesium.
  • It prevents constipation
  • It contains enough protein and carbohydrate.
  • It contains a good quality of vitamin B which helps in developing the nervous system and helps to encourage the body to adapt to stress.
  • The oil obtained from it has similar properties to olive oil.
  • Tiger nuts gives a heating and drying action to the digestive system in general and this gives it the potency to alleviate flatulence.
  • It supplies the body with enough quantity of vitamin E, very essential for fertility in both men and women.
  • It prevents endomorphisms or fibrosis as well as blockage of the tip of the fallopian tube.
  • The black species of the tiger nut is said to be an excellent medicine for breast lumps and can also be used as rye compress and to bandage wounds.
  • It is excellent for colitis and the juice is used as a liver tonic, heart stimulants, used to heal serious stomach pains,promotes normal menstruation, heals mouth,and gum ulcers.
  • Milk gotten from tiger nut is high rich in fiber

Saturday, 12 December 2015

ways to destroy micro organisms

Infectious diseases contribute greatly towards the poor health of people in developing countries like Nigeria,Gambia,Ghana and so on.
 To move towards a better health,one has to control disease causing microorganisms .

To prevent infectious diseases from spreading,we have to kill or inhibit the growth of disease causing organism,this can be done through sterilization methods,in this instance,chemicals like disinfectant,antiseptics and antibiotics kill or prevent the growth of mainly pathogenic micro organisms.

Some of the common methods of controlling spread of disease causing agents are through the following:

  • High temperature: majority of organisms that cause diseases in humans grow and multiply around 37°c,at a low temperature,their growth is inhibited but at high temperatures they are killed,thus,we can get rid of pathogenic microorganisms
  •  In food by cooking it properly and also in water by boiling it,and by heating contaminated objects at 160°c(dry heat).
  •  Micro organisms cause milk to be sour very quickly,especially in the tropics to prevent this, milk is pasteurized by heating to 72°c for 15 secs CND cooling rapidly, thus destroys most of the micro organisms, thereby allowing it to "keep"for a long time.
  • Antiseptics:are chemicals that kill or prevent the growth of pathogenic micro-organism.they are usually mild or dilute solutions of strong chemicals that can be safely applied on body surfaces,they are therefore used on cuts,wounds and abrasions-common antiseptic include alcohol(70%),boric acid and iodine(2%(.
 Antibiotics: These are chemicals in low concentration,it can selectively kill or inhibit bthe growth of most pathogenic microorganism.Generally, antibiotics are used to control diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria, they are however,not effective in controlling pathogenic viruses and protozoa.

 Dehydration: water is an essential substance for the multiplication and growth of micro organisms, therefore removal of water would inhibit microbial growth many foods are preserved by dehydration methods such as drying.

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