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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Reasons you are not losing weight


Are you on a weight loss routine?,these days a lot of people are just trying to lose weight and be fit,well it is good because your weight contributes to a healthy or unhealthy life.

Losing weight starts with what goes inside the body because you are what you eat, maybe there is a cloth that you want to fit into and you seriously need to lose weight,you want to cut down fats on some parts of your body. There are some things that you need to track your weight and monitor your achievements,equipment like measuring scale,pedometer,measuring tape,elliptical machine(optional),a pair of nice shoes and a sports wear. pedometer is a device often electronic that measures the number of steps taken and thus estimates the distance walked,these are the things you will need because exercise is an important aspect of weight loss.

Also,when you are on a weight loss routine you have to eat foods which are rich in fiber to help boost your metabolism. Eat more fruits and nuts,fruits tend to provide the body with all nutrients that it needs without adding unnecessary fat. so you need to be eating protein a lot more,i prescribe that you cut down on carbs during a weight loss routine,and also try to drink a lot of water to keep the body hydrated.
You cannot look better if you loose fat on one part of your body, so it has to be general and this can be achieved through cardiovascular exercises normally called cardio for short. I mean exercises that makes the heart to beat in a faster rate than normal, in the process of beating the body burns fat.

There are some certain things we do that alters our results and helps us gain weight the more instead of losing weight, but it happens if you do the following.

You still eat junk foods

Junk foods don't have much to offer,they are mainly processed food and when foods are processed they tend to loose up to 60% of their nutrient ,the thing about junk foods is that it is high in sugar,sodium fats and mostly calories(empty calories) which your body dosen't need at the moment,junk food simply make you to over eat because it is a cheat food,junk foods like carbonated drinks fills your stomach with gases making your stomach to be bloated,french fries and some processed fruit juice, candy bars and gums are also a good form of junk foods. not all foods are junk food depending on he ingredients they are made of and their preparation methods. junk foods also has their dangers towards health.
You are not eating right

Maybe you are eating the wrong diet,like eating too much carbs ,this is the time you have to be eating more fruits and nuts than food,fruits and nuts are rich in fibre(apple,pear,peanuts,almonds,cashew nuts),ditch the processed orange and apple juice which contain preservatives and additives and take fruit juice in its natural form,some fruits contain a good amount of water which keeps the body hydrated and the stomach feeling full so you wont eat much.
Also, eat lots of protein,I ll say that you should substitute your love for carbohydrates with proteins,protenious foods like beans,soy milk,peanuts e.t.c   

You starve

Starving has often become an option for people who want to lose weight,but they don't actually lose weight when they starve rather they gain more weight,while you starve your body wont find the energy to do its work while you exercise,your body still needs food for its activities.
Anorexia is often the out come of starvation among people who want to loose is an eating disorder,Anorexia is a disorder that goes beyond obesity or out of control dieting,a person with anorexia often begins dieting to loose weight,the drive to become thinner is actually secondary to concerns about control or fears relating to ones body. Approximately 95% of people affected by anorexia are often females,most often teenage girls. In the U.S and other countries with high economic status,it is estimated that one out of hundred adolescent girls has this disorder.

The fact is that you should love your body,now say to yourself beautiful is me and work on your weight,do not starve to lose weight because if you do some things just stops working the right way on your body. Whenever you feel like eating eat the right thing and be happy.

You lack more exercise

Okay I get it,you just started exercising and its difficult for you but it is a gradual step you have to take,you need to exercise more using equipments like dumbells .Exercise is an important aspect of weight loss,especially cardio vascular exercises,this will affect every part of your body, its good you begin with it,also stretching,when your muscles elongate,but the best way to loose weight and burn fat is through cardiovascular exercises.

Exercises comes in many forms like running,jogging,jumping,swimming(highly effective),biking,running,dancing,sweeping e.t.c,just do things that make you sweat,drink water after exercising or during an exercise,dont take shower while sweating because some wastes are being excreted,find a comfortable exercise you enjoy and do it,if you are strong enough you can embark on a 30 day exercise challenge.....sweat more!

In conclusion

Weight loss is good in the sense that it brings us back in shape and improves our personality,clothes fit in us perfectly together with a nice look. when you finally burn off some fats and drop some kgs you now have to monitor and maintain your weight by eating right,like I said earlier ,don't eat junk foods befriend fruits and nuts,eat fresh foods processed foods like junk foods has their adverse effect on health,that is why exercise is important,there are many forms of exercise find the one you love most and is comfortable for you and do it.
Love your body dnt starve or visit all these pro ana and thinspiration sites cause if you get addicted to them the outcome will bad,the journey to weight loss should be done with patience it is a gradual thing that you don't see its results in 2 might take up to 6 months but you are doing your self good anyways.I think am watching my weight too,lol .

I look forward to hearing your weight loss story good luck.