Saturday, 12 December 2015

ways to destroy micro organisms

Infectious diseases contribute greatly towards the poor health of people in developing countries like Nigeria,Gambia,Ghana and so on.
 To move towards a better health,one has to control disease causing microorganisms .

To prevent infectious diseases from spreading,we have to kill or inhibit the growth of disease causing organism,this can be done through sterilization methods,in this instance,chemicals like disinfectant,antiseptics and antibiotics kill or prevent the growth of mainly pathogenic micro organisms.

Some of the common methods of controlling spread of disease causing agents are through the following:

  • High temperature: majority of organisms that cause diseases in humans grow and multiply around 37°c,at a low temperature,their growth is inhibited but at high temperatures they are killed,thus,we can get rid of pathogenic microorganisms
  •  In food by cooking it properly and also in water by boiling it,and by heating contaminated objects at 160°c(dry heat).
  •  Micro organisms cause milk to be sour very quickly,especially in the tropics to prevent this, milk is pasteurized by heating to 72°c for 15 secs CND cooling rapidly, thus destroys most of the micro organisms, thereby allowing it to "keep"for a long time.
  • Antiseptics:are chemicals that kill or prevent the growth of pathogenic micro-organism.they are usually mild or dilute solutions of strong chemicals that can be safely applied on body surfaces,they are therefore used on cuts,wounds and abrasions-common antiseptic include alcohol(70%),boric acid and iodine(2%(.
 Antibiotics: These are chemicals in low concentration,it can selectively kill or inhibit bthe growth of most pathogenic microorganism.Generally, antibiotics are used to control diseases caused by pathogenic bacteria, they are however,not effective in controlling pathogenic viruses and protozoa.

 Dehydration: water is an essential substance for the multiplication and growth of micro organisms, therefore removal of water would inhibit microbial growth many foods are preserved by dehydration methods such as drying.

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