Saturday, 10 September 2016

Bad things high heel does to you

When I was a child I loved wearing high heels, seriously I was even tempted to wear it at home so it will make me look tall.

 Heels is one option for looking tall. However, high heels and pain are sides of the same coin. We ladies always appear lovely on heels, but at the long run the side effects comes up. My Number one side effects of high heels should be;


 Major causes of leg sprain in women is not used to wearing high heels and especially when the heels are tight.. Believe me it hurts more.


The lower back can cause causes back pain.This is more to happen if you wear high heels on a frequent basics .it will cause your lower back to accentuate its lorises(lumber spine curve)

High heels have the ability to damage our toe nails "high heels are the leading cause of ingrown toe nails"says loyal can also lead to toe nail or fungal infection.

Although high heels has bad side effects, this doesn't stop many women from wearing it.Doctors suggest that women who do wear heels to take them off while driving or sitting at the office desk.

The risk of today's teenagers are thought to be particularly great as they begin wearing high heels at an early age before their bodies are fully developed, they run the risk of hip trouble in adulthood and problems with back pain from the stress placed on the spines as youngsters.

To minimize the risk of high heels choose a slightly thicker  heel as this will spread the load more evenly.
 Come on  let's wear it with caution.
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