Sunday, 9 October 2016

common food hygiene practices

When last did you scrub your cooking area? kitchen is to food...right? Now hygiene are those conditions and practices that promote and preserve health. In terms of food,it is cleanliness in context of food.
When the cooking area or the kitchen is not neat food hygiene is not practiced. whether you are using a modern kitchen or a local kitchen its important to practice food hygiene. A food cooked in a dirty area, an unwashed food ingredients and an unwashed cooking equipment is a threat to the health of the consumer(the person eating the food).A saying goes”we are what we eat”so a situation whereby we practice food hygiene we won't fall sick.Eating a good food starts with keeping a neat kitchen.
Now let me go straight to the point.                              

Some common food hygiene practices

  • Before you cook always wash your hands(This is an important point because some of us don't do it micro organisms are every where and can be transferred into our food simply by neglecting this point.
  • Cook with a neat equipment,this is why it is good to wash all your cooking equipments after use,to avoid any difficulty in washing it later.
  • Always sweep and scrub your kitchen and fight pests if you notice any in your kitchen as pests have the ability to eat your stored food especially yam.

  • Wash any used plate immediately to avoid flies like housefly into your kitchen,a perch can be dangerous you know.
  • Wash any uncooked food thoroughly before cutting or cooking it.
  • Don't use your tongue to taste food from your cooking spoon.
  • Always wear apron while cooking
  • After cooking cover the pot and don't place the spoon inside the pot thereby half covering the pot as this allows micro organisms inside the pot
  • Do not cook with about to spoil food ingridient like onion,pepper etc.
  • When you buy food buy neat and fresh food dn't buy un fresh food
  • Try your best to avoid sand in food and make it a ritual to always clean your kitchen after cooking.
There are so many food hygiene practices,you know the right thing do it.

if you own a restaurant make sure food hygiene is highly practiced there as this will fetch you more customers,nobody like to eat n unclean food.

However,we are at war with micro organisms that is why food hygiene should be practised.