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Forms and ways to eat food

Eating fruits in a juice form or raw
Eating roasted corn or cooked corn
Eating cooked soy beans or drinking soy milk
Which of the above is much better and highly nutritious? if you agree on roasted corn you are on point, if you agree on soy milk you are also on point.

There are many ways and forms foods are being prepared but it differs in many countries, the way food is being prepared affects the way it digests, some times food are processed to a form which makes it nutritious, easy to digest or not. There are many foods with different methods of preparation see them below.


This yellowish crop provides the body with carbohydrate and contains starch, It can be eating in form of the following:
Pap: Maize contains starch which can be extracted, when heat is applied to starch it  thickens,giving it a gelatinous property, it is called pap, and the pap is prepared with hot water and sweetened with sugar and milk, served when hot. It also a food weaning mothers give to their children, one problem with this food is that it doesn’t quench hunger.

Roasted corn: This is a delicious way to eat corn, the corn is soaked in water with a little salt and then roasted in a charcoal fire, it can be served with roasted pear or roasted coconut, it is a favourite food here in Nigeria. It can also be cooked with a little salt and served with pear and coconut.

Maize flour: In some countries like Nigeria maize flour is eaten with egusi or ogbono soup, it is not only nutritious but highly delicious.

 Pop corn: This is everyone’s favourite I guess, but often considered a junk food, it can be prepared with sugar, butter and egg

Sweet corn: It is an ingredient used for cooking fried rice.


Although some people are allergic to beans or should I say that they hate beans,it is highly packed with protein and fibre, it can be taken in many forms:

Baked beans: Though considered as junk but it is highly delicious and can be eaten with bread.

Moi-moi: This delicacy is highly nutritious and is easy to prepare see the preparation methods HERE

Soy milk: Soy milk is prepared from a specie of bean called soy bean, see the prep methods HERE

Jellof beans: This recipe is prepared with oil,Maggi,salt,crayfish ,pepper and onion.


Yam is high in carbohydrate and starch, it is normally cooked fried and eaten, but there other cooking methods:

Yam pottage.

Yam flour: used to eat some soups like ogbono and egusi soup.



This food can be eaten when ripe or unripe, the unripe one is high in iron, the sweetest is the ripe one. Plantain can be fried and eaten but there are other forms:

Plantain pottage: This food can be prepared when the plantain is ripe or not.

Plantain chips: My favorite, it is a good form of fried unripe plantain, it can be used as snack with a fruit juice.



All fruits are supposed to be eaten raw but instead they are processed and transformed into fruit juice, not all fruit juice is food for your health, some of them are filled with sugar in form of syrup, the fruit juice won’t contain enough nutrients after being processed. However there are other ways of eating fruits.

Juices: The fruit juice is extracted and refrigerated to cool .

Fruit salad: This is quite good for dinner with regards to people on a weight loss routine, you can combine as many fruits as you like(your choicer)some people even add butter and milk to it.



Peanuts also known as groundnut is a food rich in fiber and protein, it can be eaten in different forms:

 Peanut butter: This can be eaten with bread for breakfast.

Fried peanut: Fried peanut can be eaten as a snack and is flushed down with water or juice.



This food is some people’s favorite; it has so many ways of preparation

Jellof rice: It is served with a chilled drink, see method of preparation here.

White rice: Is eaten with either fish or meat stew.


Two varieties of potatoes viz: sweet and Irish potatoes can be eaten in form of:

Potato chips: This is a form of fried potato which is served with a drink or pap.



Nuts are good to are eaten raw, they are rich in fiber and protein and helps to boost the body’s metabolism,nuts are in form of(peanuts,almonds,cashew nuts,pine nuts,hazel nuts and the host of others)

These forms of eating food are easy to prepare and easy to digest, sweet and are highly delicious. Try one today will you?

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