Saturday, 10 December 2016

How to make a healthy soy milk

Soy milk is an extract of soy beans,it is highly nutritious and contains  protein in a high proportion,it also contains fat and fibre.

The best way to eat soy milk is to transform  it to soy is a good source of protein to young children and is recommended for weight loss.

However,some soy milks are not healthy for you dependinfg on their ingredients and methods of preparation,me so sweet to an extent becauise they contain sugar in a high quantity.

How to make a healthy home-made soy milk

To make soy make soy milk at home threr are some wequipments and ingredients you will need


  • Pot
    • Cooker
      • Grinder
        • Metal spoon
          • Sieve
            • Bowl
And that's all


  • Soy beans                                                          

    • Sugar or honey
      • Flavor(milk,vanilla,strawberry)
        • water and salt.

Steps in making a healthy soy milk

1. Get soybeans from the market,wash and cook for one hour 
2. Separate the soy beans from its coat or grind it that way(optional)
3.  Get a bowl and fill it with water,get a bowl and use the water to sieve out the milk so that the bean coat is separated
4.  After that cook the already sieved soy bean milk for 30 minutes and leave to cool
5.  When cool add the above ingredients in the right proportion and refrigerate.
6.  Serve with a snack.
N.B  I recommend you use honey instead of sugar  because of its nutritious content(sugar is  processed you know)